The Different Ways You Can Bet On Soccer

When it comes to the betting statistics from around the world, there is clearly no sport more popular than soccer when it comes to sports betting. While football, basketball and even baseball are a lot more popular in North America, soccer is still the most popular sport that is bet on worldwide. Here is a look at the different ways you can bet on soccer.

Full Time Result

This type of wager is exactly what appears in its title, which is betting on the result after full time. Fans can bet on a team to win or draw, as well as the total number of goals scored in a game. This is the simplest and most obvious type of soccer betting wager. You can also bet on the Half Time Result, which is simply picking a team to win or tie in a half, or betting on the total for a half.

Double Chance

A double chance wager is probably the safest option for betting on soccer, as you can pick two of the three possible outcomes and you win if the end result is right in either one of them. For example, if you bet on Manchester City in a double chance against Manchester United, then you would be taking them to win or tie. If either of those results happen, then you win the wager.

Draw No Bet

The draw no wager bet is another relatively safe option. The bet is essentially cancelled if there is a draw but you get your stake back if that’s how the game ends up. The bet is essentially cancelled if there is a draw. The odds for the bet change a little bit since you are protected from losing if it is a draw but it could be worth it if you have a better chance to win the wager.

Handicap/Asian Handicap

The handicap or Asian betting is a little more difficult than the wagers we have covered but they are similar to point spreads in other sports. For example, if Manchester City played Swansea City you could take City (-1), which means they need to win by more than one goal. At the same time, you could take Swansea City (+1), which means if Swansea wins, draws or loses by a single goal you win. The handicaps are a little more complicated than regular wagers but they are still very easy to understand.

Correct Score

Betting on the correct score is another type of wager that is very straightforward, since you are simply attempting to pick what the final score will be. For example, if you think the final score between Arsenal and Liverpool will be 2-1 in favor of Arsenal, then you can select that score. If you think it will be 0-0, then you can select that score. Since it’s a lot more difficult to pick the correct scores, you will get much better odds than other types of wagers.


There are plenty of props available for betting on soccer including which team will score the first goal, which player will score the first goal, whether or not individual players will score in the game, the total goals and the total number of bookings. The prop bets range from the straightforward to the more difficult and thus the odds will change accordingly. Some prop bets are more difficult than others but if it’s something that interests you then you might want to check it out.