How To Choose What To Bet On In Soccer

Soccer is easily the most popular of the major sports in the world with leagues all across the globe as well as major tournaments that feature continents and worldwide competition. With so many different options to bet on, it can be difficult to get started so we decided to create a simple breakdown to help you get started. Whether you are sports betting in Canada or anywhere else, here is a look at how to choose what to bet on in soccer.

Major Domestic Leagues

The major domestic leagues include La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, the Bundesliga in Germany, Ligue 1 in France and MLS in North America. The advantages include that attacking players are in good form, there set piece specialists and the defenders usually like to get forward on set pieces. There is also a ton of options available for betting on so you can wager on anything from game results to prop bets and even future bets. There aren’t really any major disadvantages to betting on the major domestic leagues.

Other Domestic Leagues

There are some smaller domestic leagues like Japan’s J-League, Portugal’s Primeira Liga, the A-League in Australia, the Chinese Super League, Superleague Greece, the Scottish Premiership, Russian Premier League or the Liga MX in Mexico that can be a little more difficult to wager on. First of all, there isn’t as much information readily available for research purposes. Second, there might not be as many options available in terms of betting on those leagues. With lesser coverage on these smaller domestic leagues it might make sense to stay away from them unless you are a fan of a specific league and already have substantial knowledge of it.

Club Cup Competitions

Most countries also have a domestic cup competition like the Copa del Rey in Spain or the Coppa Italia in Italy. These tournaments put teams from all across the country including multiple divisions against one another. While the competition level isn’t nearly as high in some cases, it might surprise you that there are often upsets with teams considered underdogs finding ways to make deep runs. These tournaments can be a little more difficult to handicap but those that are up for the challenge might want to consider it if they think they can find good value.

International Tournaments

The international tournaments exist at both the club level and in terms of the national teams. For example, the Champions League pits the best clubs from across Europe against one another in an annual competition. Meanwhile, the World Cup happens every four years and it pits the best countries against one another. The international tournaments get excellent coverage from the media and there are usually plenty of betting options available or each game of those tournaments. The international tournaments can also be a lot of fun to bet on since it seems as though even the more casual soccer fans tend to show a greater interest in tournaments like the World Cup.