The Different Formula 1 Betting Markets

The Formula 1 season is extremely popular in European betting markets. Over the years, the audience for the sport has grown in North American sports betting markets as well. One of the biggest reasons for the growing popularity of F1 is the different types of wagers that are now available to the betting public. The variety of different options gives the betting public more choice and that means more opportunities to win some serious money betting on the sport. Here is a look at the different Formula 1 betting markets.


Betting on the overall Championship futures market is still very popular. It’s a lot more difficult to pick individual race winners then a potential season champion so it makes sense that people will want to bet on one driver to win it all. However, the value betting on the Championship futures isn’t in the favor of the public. The sportsbooks will bring the lines down in order to make sure they aren’t paying out too much money at the end of the season. Betting on the Championship is easy and fun. Just make sure you are getting decent value for your money.


The Constructors market allows you to bet on which team you think will finish the season with the most points. It’s important to note that teams value this Championship over the individual success of the drivers. That means when the season is on the line they will compete in favor of the best outcome for the team rather than the individual player. Make sure you take that in to account when wagering on both the individual Championship and the Constructors wager.

Fastest Lap

The Fastest Lap is an obvious one as a wager that can be made on a specific race. Certain bookmakers will offer good odds on a driver recording the fastest lap in a race and it might not be the obvious one or even the eventual race winner. There is decent value betting on the Fastest Lap. The key is to find the best balance between potential and value.

Driver v. Driver

One of the most intriguing options available for those that want ot bet on F1 races now is the ability to make a wager on a Driver v. Driver matchup. This wager pits two drivers against one another and all that matters is which driver produces the better finish. It’s a lot easier to pick a driver to finish ahead of another driver than it is to pick a race winner out of the entire field. The odds for each matchup depend on the two drivers selected. The Driver v. Driver wager has become a lot more common and it’s popularity should only continue to grow as more and more fans learn about the advantages of this type of wager.


The final type of betting market for F1 races is betting on specials. The sportsbooks will offer special odds that could have to do with both the individual races and the possible futures bets that are available. For example, a sporttsbook can offer a wager for which driver will lead the most laps in a given race. At the same time, they could also offer a wager that consists of whether a driver will win a championship title over a span of five years. There are many different types of wagers that are available. Make sure you shop around and find the F1 wager that suits you best and go from there.