4 Different Ways To Bet On F1 Racing

Formula One auto racing is widely considered the pinnacle of the sport. The best drivers in the world get behind the fastest open-wheel cars to race across the world from Europe to Asia, North America and South America. Similar to Moto GP racing, there is only a small number of F1 drivers that win races every year. It’s important to understand the different ways to bet on the sport in order to maximize your betting potential. Here is a look at four ways to bet on F1 racing.

Betting Individual Race Winners

The simplest type of F1 wager is betting on an individual race winner. It’s important to understand the lack of parity in the sport before betting on it. In most seasons, there are only between five and eight race winners over the course of an entire season. The best drivers in that group win multiple races. When betting on individual race winners, it usually doesn’t make sense to take too many risks. At the same time, the best drivers in F1 usually aren’t available to bet on at very favorable odds. If you are going to bet on individual race winners, don’t get too cute. Do your research, find a capable favorite and lock in your pick.

Picking Winners On Speed Row Bets

Betting on a speed row finish is simple. The sportsbooks that offer this type of wager by grouping together four or five drivers and setting the odds for which driver in each group has the best chance to finish the highest. The drivers are sorted from most likely to win to least likely to win and each driver is assigned odds based on where they are expected to finish. Since there are only a certain number of drivers expected to contend for the win in most races, it makes sense to entertain the idea of picking winners on speed row bets in order to enjoy a little variety betting on F1.

Betting On Podium Finishers

Another type of wager available for betting on F1 is picking the podium finishers. Similar to horse racing, this type of bet simply requires you to pick a driver that will place first, second, or third, which means they will be featured on the podium after the race. While a race favorite won’t have the greatest odds to finish in the top-three, it’s a much safer bet to pick them to finish in the top-three than to pick them to win outright. Betting on podium finishers is typically a safer way to bet on F1, but it also usually means you are going to earn less money when you win a bet for a podium finisher.

F1 Champion Futures

The final type of F1 bet worth considering is picking a season champion. Drivers earn points based on where they finish every race. At the end of the season, the driver with the most points is crowned the champion. The sportsbooks establish the betting odds to win outright at the beginning of the year and the odds are adjusted with every passing race. If you feel confident in betting on a driver to win it all at the start of the year, it could make sense to lay some money down on an F1 season champion. There are many different ways to bet on F1. Whether it’s betting on the individual races, picking winners on speed row, wagering on podium finishers or putting your money down on a season champion, betting on F1 can be a great way to add to the excitement of the races and put a little money in your pocket along the way.