NFL Betting: Super Bowl 51

This year's Super Bowl is going to be a big contrast in styles. On one hand, the New England Patriots are an experienced team who has been here before. 23 of their players have played in the Super Bowl and quarterback Tom Brady has four rings. As for the Falcons, this is only the franchise’s second appearance in a Super Bowl and only four of their players have ever played in the big game.

On offense, both units were quite strong this season. The slight edge goes to the Falcons, who led the league with points per game (33.8). They were the only team to average more than 30 per game in the regular season and they’ve averaged 38.0 in the playoffs. For the regular season, they scored the seventh most points in NFL history, so that gives you an idea of just how good they have been.

As for the Patriots, they were also quite strong. They finished fourth in total offense but remember that they started the season without Brady (suspended for four games). With Brady under center, they have averaged 30.0 points per game this season.

While the offenses might be close, the defense have been quite difference. The Patriots led the league in points per game allowed (15.6). This might be the strongest unit that Bill Belichick has ever fielded. As for the Falcons, they allowed 25.4 points per game this season, which 27th in the NFL. That’s the second-worst average of any team to enter the Super Bowl. However, they have played a bit better of late as they’ve allowed just over 20 points per game since their bye week.

So can the Patriots slow the Falcons down? Can the Falcons make things at least somewhat difficult for Brady? Or are we going to see a shootout? The total is the highest ever for a Super Bowl, so the odds makers are expecting some points.

There are lots of good options on the board, so place a bet and have some fun with the last NFL game of the season!