MLB Betting: How To Bet MLB AL, NL MVP Award Winners

The MLB MVP Award is given annually to one outstanding player from the American League and National League respectively. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to bet on the MLB AL and NL MVP Award winners.

Preference For Hitters

An everyday players (hitters) tend to win the MVP Award much more often than pitchers dude to the fact that these players are involved in every game during the regular season, or almost every game, compared to pitchers who typically pitch only once every four of five games. As a result, hitters are able to impact the overall performance of his team in a lot more ways compared to pitchers. Additionally, since the Cy Young Award can only be awarded to a pitcher, pitchers essentially already have their own dedicated award. However, only in the most exceptional circumstances will a pitcher win both the MVP and CY Young Awards.

Outstanding All-Around Players

A player who has an excellent all-around game will decidedly have an advantage over other players since he’ll be able to round out his overall statistics while providing contributions in different areas of the game. A player who’s able to balance power, speed, fielding, and overall great hitting will be able to make an impact on multiple box score statistics. For example, a player who’s a great home run hitter but tends to strike out often and is unable to field will naturally not be able to make as much of an impact as a player whose skillset is more balanced. Typically, it’d be quite rare for a designated hitter to win the MVP Award since his contributions to a team’s performance is only limited to at-bats.

Emphasis On Team Record Is Lower

Since baseball is essentially an individual sport masked within a team sport, when it comes to the MVP Award winner, the player’s respective team record doesn’t get factored in as much as other sports such as hockey or basketball. This is due to the fact that a single player just cannot impact the outcome of games as much as individual players in basketball or hockey. Additionally, in baseball, the impact of a player is much more easily quantified compared to other sports and as a result, the MVP Award selection process should be much more objective compared to other sports where qualitative factors are usually taken into account as well.

Statistics That Matter

When it comes to the MVP Award, several statistical categories mean much more than others when defining an outstanding player. Statistics such as wins above replacement (WAR), on-base percentage plus slugging (OPS), home-runs (HR), and batting average (AVG) tend to hold much more weight compared to other statistical categories. A player who excels in putting up gaudy numbers in these statistical categories should be highly considered as a potential MVP candidate.

Progress Of Players

Players who show signs of having a breakout year (e.g., their numbers have steadily progressed throughout the past few year) or players who have been consistently performing at a high-level are good bets to win the MVP Award. While it’s often quite difficult to predict the trajectory of a player’s future performance, historical performance can help to serve as a pretty good gauge in most instances.