MLB Betting: How To Bet AL, NL Pennant Futures

In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips on how to bet on the American League and National League Championship winners. As unpredictable as baseball is (for the most part), some futures bets for the AL and NL Championship winners may prove to be prudent value bets.

Projected Opening Day Lineups

To assess the projected records of teams, it’s important to take a look at their projected opening day lineups, which includes the starting rotations of teams as well as their bullpen. With this information, bettors are able to obtain a comprehensive view of a team’s personnel in order to assist and guide them in their betting decisions. While injuries will affect every team in one way or another, taking a bird’s eye view on the projected opening day lineups of teams will be helpful in assessing the strength of a team.

Balance Of Offense, Defense, and Pitching

Teams who qualify for the postseason and are able to make a deep postseason run are typically teams that are well-balanced in terms of their offense, defense, and pitching. This is due to the fact that if a team is slumping in one of these three key areas, they may be able to compensate with the other two areas. On the other hand, if a team is a juggernaut offensive team but are suddenly in a long offensive slump, there’s little else that this team can do to make up for their offensive downfall.

Teams With Relatively Weaker Divisions

Since the division winner automatically qualifies for the postseason, and with so few teams in the MLB making it into the postseason compared to other leagues such as the NBA, NHL, and NFL, once a team makes it into the postseason, anything can happen and no team is a lock. As a result, teams with relatively weaker divisions may find themselves in a much better position to win their respective divisions and qualify for the postseason by way of a strong record against divisional rivals. As the MLB postseason only holds room for so few teams, being able to make it into the postseason already magnifies a team’s chances of winning the AL or NL Championship.

Teams That Made A Deep Run In The Previous Year

Teams that made a deep run in the previous year may offer good value, especially if they lost in the postseason in heartbreaking fashion but will be a more improved team in the upcoming season. With players, feelings of disappointment will linger and only add fuel to the motivation of a team to come back stronger the next year. With more experience under their belts, these teams will likely come out of the gate firing and learn from their mistakes during their previous postseason run. There’s many stories of teams who were eliminated after a deep postseason run the year before only to come back stronger the following year.

Teams With A Superstar Hitter And Pitcher

Since it’s important to maintain a balance between hitting and offense, teams with a superstar hitter and pitcher will significantly boost the team’s chances of making it to the postseason and excelling thereafter. With both a superstar hitter and pitcher, these individuals have the capability to carry a team during stretches of the regular season as well as during postseason games if needed.