The Biggest Factors That Impact The Outcome Of Soccer Games

The best way to make money betting on soccer is to make accurate assessments about the likely outcomes of games. You want to pick winners and build up your profit margin but in order to do that you have to be able to break down how the games will play out. Here is a look at the biggest factors that impact the outcome of soccer games.

Current Form

Current form is usually a great indicator of what to expect. For example, if a club that is near the top of their table has won back-to-back games and they are at home against a struggling club that is near the bottom of the table then there is a good chance they should have the edge. You need to take in to account the quality of the opponents they faced, the margins of winning or losing and the overall quality of their performances in those games. Once you take all of those things in to consideration you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the two teams heading in to a given game.

Home/Road Splits

The reality is that teams tend to perform a lot better at home in front of their fans then they do on the road so you need to take that in to account when evaluating specific matchups. For example, if a team in the middle of the table has been terrible as the visiting team and they are on the road against a team that is slightly lower than them in the standings but has been excellent at home, then there is a good chance the home team might surprise and win the game. Home and road splits can vary depending on the clubs involved but you definitely want to consider the impact that they could have on a game.

Head To Head Records

Head to head records might not be as important as current form but they should be taken in to account when evaluating matchups. For example, if a team has dominated in their head-to-head meetings against an opponent then it makes sense that the trend could continue if they are hot heading in to the matchup. However, if a team has really struggled against an opponent then maybe you should not be as confident in them heading in to the head-to-head matchup.


How much of an impact will the weather have on the outcome of a game? Some teams are better suited to certain conditions than others and the impact of the weather will vary depending on the teams involved. For example, if it is extremely windy and raining hard then there is a good chance it will negate some of the advantage a skilled team might have over its opponent since it’s much more difficult to use that skill in those conditions. Weather isn’t always a major factor but it’s worth taking in to consideration in certain situations.

Injuries & Suspensions

In order to evaluate a team’s form you need to be aware of who is healthy, who is injured, and who might not play based on suspension. Any given team could be that much better with its biggest stars in the lineup and not nearly as strong without them so you need to keep tabs on their status in order to evaluate matchups. It makes sense to keep an eye on Twitter as well as you can often find out if there are any late lineup changes based on injury. By taking these factors in to account, you will have a much easier time breaking down soccer betting matchups.