Golf Betting: 5 Different Ways To Bet On The Masters

One of the four major golf tournaments, The Masters has gained popularity from a betting perspective in each of the last few years. With this year’s event right around the corner now is the perfect time for a crash course in how to bet on the prestigious tournament. Here is a look at five different ways to bet on The Masters.

Picking The Winner

The most obvious way to bet on The Masters is to pick the outright winner. With so many talented golfers competing in each annual event there are plenty of intriguing options to consider every year. It’s important to remember that while the betting favorites are usually only available at short odds, there are usually hidden values that can be found in each year’s field. Meanwhile, it’s important to shop around in order to find the best odds for the golfer you think will win. If you search different sports betting sites you will notice that some have the golfer you want to bet on at a better price than others so it’s important to capitalize on the best line available.

Each Way Betting

Another type of wager that is available for betting on The Masters is Each Way betting, which allows you to pick a golfer to either win or to place in the top-10. There can only be one winner every year so the Each Way bet allows you to pick a potential winner while also having a potential safety net should that golfer finish close to the top of the leaderboard but fail to win.

Predicting A First Round Leader

Leading after the first round of The Masters is much different than actually winning the tournament. If you have a hunch that a golfer will get off to a fast start then it could make sense to bet on them to win the opening round. Whether it’s because they are getting a an early morning tee time that will give him no wind, fresh greens and no leaderboard pressure or because they know their way around Augusta but you aren’t convinced they have what it takes to win the whole thing, there are different reasons that you might have for picking a first round leader. While the betting odds for picking a first round leader aren’t as attractive as picking an outright winner, there is still a considerable amount of value available with this type of bet.

Top-10 Finish/Top-20 Finish

Another type of bet is wagering on a golfer to finish in either the top-10 or the top-20 at an event. There are certain golfers that seem to perform at a high level at this tournament every single year. Rather than betting on them to win outright, it might make more sense to bet on them to finish in the top-10 or the top-20. Take a look at the odds in these sections and figure out if there is a golfer that you might think is worth backing at decent odds to finish among the top-10 or top-20.

The Head-To-Head Bet

One final type of wager that you might consider is the head-to-head bet, which is essentially picking one golfer to finish with a better score than another for the tournament. While most sites create their own matchups based on talent and experience there are some sites that allow you to pick two golfers that you wish to match head-to-head for The Masters. With so many options available, there is no shortage of ways that you can make some serious money betting on The Masters every single year.