5 Reasons Your Fantasy Football Team Lost This Season

Another fantasy football league season is in the books and while the champions will celebrate it will be on everybody else to look back and figure out where they went wrong. We came up with a list of keys to why you might have fallen short and we came up with this list. Here is a look at the five reasons why your fantasy football team lost this season.

You Missed In The First Round

A first round pick might not turn out to be the best player on a championship team but it likely needs to be a pretty solid pick in order to win. There is a good chance if you missed in the opening round that you didn’t make the playoffs. Adrian Peterson, Todd Gurley, DeAndre Hopkins and Cam Newton all fell in the category of fantasy football busts likely selected in the first round this season and it would have been a hard road to the fantasy football postseason had you built your team around any of those players with your first round pick.

You Stuck With The Busts For Too Long

One of the most important things to remember in fantasy football is that it’s extremely difficult to catch up if you fall behind. If the approach you take doesn’t work in Weeks 1 through 3 then there is a good chance it won’t help you reach the playoffs. One of the biggest mistakes that fantasy football GM’s make is sticking with star players that don’t perform for too long. If you did that with Peterson, Gurley, Newton or Hopkins among others this season then it would have really capped your overall potential.

You Refused To Change At Quarterback

Newton was the consensus No. 1 quarterback in fantasy football leagues heading in to the season while Aaron Rodgers was near the top as well. The problem is that Newton struggled all season while Rodgers really struggled early on before coming on hot down the final stretch. Meanwhile, Marcus Mariota finished with the fourth-most fantasy points among quarterbacks while Kirk Cousins and rookie Dak Prescott were both much better in the first half than Rodgers or Russell Wilson. Sometimes a change at quarterback can be a big positive for a fantasy football team if even in the short term so if you refused to make a change with a struggling passer early on there is a good chance it came back to haunt you.

You Were Passive At The Draft

Fantasy football fortune definitely tends to favor the bold so those that took their chances on players like Ezekiel Elliott, DeMarco Murray and even Tom Brady despite the fact that he missed the first four games had to be rewarded. Elliott and Murray finished as the league’s top two running backs while Brady delivered an MVP season. You can’t win in fantasy football without taking shots on players with some risk but certainly a ton of upside so if you were too passive it likely hurt your playoff chances.

You Refused To Hit The Waiver Wire

While championship teams are built around solid drafts, the waiver wire could very well be the difference between winning and losing when it matters the most. Scouring the free agent market for key pieces like Jay Ajayi and Jordan Howard or grabbing Rishard Matthews and Jamison Crowder are the type of key moves that can elevate a fantasy team to become a championship-caliber unit. If you weren’t aggressive enough on the waiver wire, it likely contributed to you falling short of contending for a championship this season.


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