MLB Betting: How To Handicap Baseball Series

While betting on the moneyline, over/under game totals, and even the run line is quite popular when it comes to MLB betting, one betting option that is often overlooked is betting on a specific MLB series. A lot of bettors don’t even know that this betting option is available. However, this betting option could be extremely fun and lucrative if done correctly. Here’s how betting on a MLB series works. If the Boston Red Sox are playing the New York Yankees in a three-game series, you would bet on the team that you believe will win two out of three games in the series – essentially, this means that the team has won the series. Now, in a four-game series, things may get a bit tricky since the winning team on the wager must win three out of the four games – if the team wins two games, no team wins the series since each team will have won two games. Here are some strategies on how to wager on this type of bet.

Don’t Always Look To Bet On Great Teams

Since the public knows which teams are great, if you end up betting on these teams, you will be required to pay a very high amount of juice, or vig – the larger the talent gap between two teams, the lesser the payout will be for the better team. However, if a great teams a total of four series against a bad team throughout the course of a regular season, it certainly isn’t a guarantee that the great team will win every one of those series. Additionally, it is also important to keep in mind that even a bad team in the MLB wins close to 40% of their games. Think about this another way – a bad team may be more motivated to play against a great team whereas a great team may be simply going through the motions when playing a bad team.

Consider The Risk Of The Unknown

When betting on individual games, the starting pitchers and lineups will be listed. This information will be available to you before you are required to place a bet. However, since you must place a bet on a series at the beginning of the series, the slate of starting pitchers for the series is not guaranteed and players that you expect to be in the starting lineups may end up taking a day off or two. These are all factors that you must take into account when betting on a series. It is important to consider the likelihood that things may not always go as expected and account for these unknowns.

Take Advantage of Prices, Lines, and Odds

When it comes to betting, no matter the sport, it is essential to take advantage of favourable prices, lines, and odds. If there’s value to a bet, then by all means take it. An example can be used to illustrate this. If a team’s ace is starting game one of a series, betting on the individual game will likely require a lot of juice to be paid. In this case, betting on the series may be a more prudent bet option. Additionally, here are some other factors that should be tip the chances of winning in a series in your favour:

1. Teams slated to have their best three starters on the mound for a series while the opposing team’s top three starters have just pitched in the previous series.
2. Teams with poor records but have played well of late going up against teams with good records but have played poorly as of late.
3. Teams coming off a long road trip but have a strong record when playing at home.