MLB Betting: How To Bet MLB AL, NL Cy Young Award Winners

The MLB Cy Young Award is given annually to the best pitcher in each of the American League and National League respectively. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to bet the AL and NY Cy Young Award winners.

Preference For Starting Pitchers

Since starting pitchers are able to provide more of an impact compared to relief pitchers, chances are that the Cy Young Award will be presented to a starting pitcher as opposed to a relief pitcher. This is simply due to the fact that starting pitchers are able to pitch in more innings compared to a relief pitcher, and as a result, will be able to impact their respective teams on a higher scale. However, the Cy Young Award has been rewarded to relief pitchers in the past (primarily closers) who have put forth spectacular seasons.

Strong Offense

It would be of tremendous help to a pitcher should his team be very strong offensively. Usually, pitchers with strong offensive backings are afforded more leeway for mistakes, which could potentially allow them to relax and feel more comfortable while pitching knowing that his team “has his back”. Typically, a pitcher’s mental state will have a direct effect on his performance and not having to worry about run support will allow a pitcher to focus his efforts entirely on the next pitch.

Performance In Past Seasons

Historical performance is usually a good indicator of future performance, especially historical performance in more recent years. For example, pitchers who have consistently seen improvements over the last couple of years may be prime for a breakout season. Additionally, pitchers who have been models of success in the past may also be a good bet, since they’ll likely be in the thick of the Cy Young Award race.

Strength Of Division

It’s important to understand the strength of the teams in a pitcher’s respective division since it’ll be likely that he’ll have to face these teams more often than non-divisional teams. If divisional teams carry potent offensive firepower, it may not be a smart bet to back a pitcher in the same division since his numbers may be more negatively affected if he’ll have to face better hitters. On the contrary, if divisional teams are more limited offensively, a pitcher may thrive against weaker competition and see a boost in his numbers while providing him with more and more confidence as the season progresses.

Playoff Teams

Pitchers on playoff-bound teams are more likely to win the Cy Young Award due to the fact that these pitchers will be able to rack up more wins, which corresponds to their respective team’s ability to win games. At the end of the day, a pitcher with strong statistics will often be out shadowed by another pitcher with similar statistics but more wins. With the vast number of pitchers in the AL and NL, the difference between winning and losing the Cy Young Award may come down to the number of wins to the pitcher’ name.

Contract Year

Pitchers who are on the final year of their contracts may have an added incentive to exceed expectations as they’d ideally want to add to their reputation before signing a potentially big contract. If pitchers are able to win the Cy Young Award during a contract year, he’ll likely be looking at a massive upcoming contract.