MLB Betting: An Effective First Half Baseball Betting Strategy

The MLB season dominates the summer sports betting months with countless opportunities to wager on games. With so many different available resources for advanced statistics and analysis there are seemingly countless ways to improve your edge when it comes to betting on baseball. The key is to develop an effective baseball betting strategy that you can use to your advantage throughout the course of the season. One proven strategy it to bet on the first five innings of a game, which is also known as first half baseball betting. The first half betting allows you to concentrate on the most important factors and completely ignore some of the other random factors that can make the full games that much more difficult to predict. Here is a look at an effective first half baseball betting strategy.

The Odds

The most important aspect of developing a significant edge betting on the first half of baseball games is to understand the odds and how they can be exploited. If the odds for a game don’t seem to make sense then there is a good chance the odds for the first half of that game can be exploited. The starting pitchers will have a significant impact on the outcome of the game. There impact is even greater when it comes to betting on the first five innings of a game. If the odds for a specific matchup seem to be off then there is a good chance you will be able to take advantage of a similar mistake on the first half betting lines.

Starting Pitching

The best time to look at betting on the first half of a baseball game is when an elite pitcher with a poor bullpen starts against a weak pitcher with a strong bullpen. The differences in the bullpens could lead to an overcorrection in the overall odds for both teams. However, since you only care about the first five innings of the game when it comes to first half betting those overcorrections can be exploited. Some sportsbooks will make the necessary adjustments when it comes to correcting their lines for the first half baseball betting lines. However, there are some situations where they don’t make a big enough adjustment and those are the valuable lines that you want to exploit. Any time an elite pitcher is matched up against a weaker starter there should be an excellent opportunity to exploit the first half betting odds.

The Offensive Stars

It’s also important to remember the advantage that teams with star power will have over teams that rely more on depth when it comes to first half betting. The best players in a lineup will usually bat between 1 and 5 in their order. Therefore, those players will get more opportunities at-bat. It makes sense that the offense with the better star power will have the advantage in a specific matchup. That advantage can be even greater when it comes to betting the first half of a baseball game with the star hitters more likely to get at least two at-bats over that time period.

Shop For The Best Price

Once you have identified a potential mismatch and found the starting pitcher that offers you the best opportunity to win it’s time to shop around for the best price. Different sportsbooks will have different lines for each game so it’s important to shop around. The difference between one line at +115 and another line at +140 could be $50 on a $200 wager. It’s important to shop around for the best price when it comes to effectively betting on first half baseball lines.