2011 National League East Baseball Betting

The Phillies were the dominant team in the National League East Division last year, both on the field and, as baseball betting aficionados can readily attest, at the windows. In fact, Philadelphia was the only NL East team to finish the season with a positive ROI (Return On Investment) as Atlanta, Florida, New York and Washington all finished in the red.

If anything, it appears the Phillies are even stronger this year but will that translate into betting victories as well or will it be one of the division's lesser lights that shines with gamblers this season?

With that question in mind, let's see if we can't use last year's betting numbers to uncover some betting angles for the upcoming season.


PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES (2010 Finish: 102-69, Won NL East)

Future Book Odds for 2011:  World Series: 3/1, Pennant: Even, Division: 4/9

By the Numbers:

Favorite: 80-51, Underdog: 22-18

Home: 55-31, Away: 47-38

Day: 24-25, Night: 78-44

Vs. Left: 29-22, Vs. Right: 73-47

Over/Under: 78-89-4

One-Run Games: 29-20

Sportsbook Buster: The Phillies had an ROI (Return on Investment) of +25.8 percent in their 40 games as an underdog.

Sports Betting Angle: Philadelphia boasted an ROI of +12.9 percent in its 32 games as a favorite of -200 or more, notching a 26-6 record.

ATLANTA BRAVES (2010 Finish: 92-74, Wild Card)

Future Book Odds for 2011: World Series: 25/1, Pennant: 10/1, Division: 5/1

By the Numbers:

Favorite: 78-50, Underdog: 14-24

Home: 56-27, Away: 36-47

Day: 31-24, Night: 61-50

Vs. Left: 28-29, Vs. Right: 64-45

Over/Under: 75-82-9

One-Run Games: 24-25

Sportsbook Buster: The Braves had an ROI of -19.3 percent as underdogs.

Sports Betting Angle: Atlanta posted an ROI of +10.3 percent in home games.

FLORIDA MARLINS (2010 Finish: 80-82)

Future Book Odds for 2011: World Series: 45/1, Pennant: 22/1, Division: 10/1

By the Numbers:

Favorite: 49-34, Underdog: 31-48

Home: 40-39, Away: 39-42

Day: 23-18, Night: 57-64

Vs. Left: 34-15, Vs. Right: 46-67

Over/Under: 80-76-6

One-Run Games: 23-28

Sportsbook Buster: The Marlins had an ROI of +32.1 percent in games versus left-handed starters.

Sports Betting Angle: Florida's had an ROI of -7.2 percent in the role of an underdog.


NEW YORK METS (2010 Finish: 79-83)

Future Book Odds for 2011: World Series: 50/1, Pennant: 25/1, Division: 16/1

By the Numbers:

Favorite: 42-34, Underdog: 37-49

Home: 47-34, Away: 31-48

Day: 22-24, Night: 57-59

Vs. Left: 22-17, Vs. Right: 57-66

Over/Under: 69-87-6

One-Run Games: 25-30

Sportsbook Buster: The Mets had an ROI of -15.9 percent on the road.

Sports Betting Angle: New York posted an ROI of +12.3 percent in games started by an opposing left-handed pitcher.

WASHINGTON NATIONALS (2010 Finish: 69-93)

Future Book Odds for 2011: World Series: 125/1, Pennant: 60/1, Division: 25/1

By the Numbers:

Favorite: 20-23, Underdog: 49-70

Home: 41-40, Away: 28-53

Day: 25-31, Night: 44-62

Vs. Left: 17-23, Vs. Right: 52-70

Over/Under: 72-85-5

One-Run Games: 20-28

Sportsbook Buster: The Nationals had an ROI of -17.5 percent in the 43 games in which the team was favored.

Sports Betting Angle: Washington had an ROI of -13.3 percent on the road.

ON THE FIELD: After filling out a rotation that already included Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels with Cliff Lee, it will be surprising if the Phillies don't win the NL East by at least 10 games. Certainly, that's the way sportsbooks are thinking, setting Philadelphia's regular season over/under win total at 97 1/2 games while Atlanta is next in line in the division at 87. Speaking of the Braves, the post Bobby Cox era begins with Dan Uggla (33 HR, 105 RBI), acquired from the Marlins, adding run production to the middle of a mediocre lineup. Atlanta probably has enough pitching to battle for another wild card spot. The Marlins improved their bullpen and have a solid core of starting hurlers but losing Uggla will hurt run production. Middle of the pack seems about right. The Mets aren't nearly as good as their payroll and their already thin pitching will be tested with ace Johan Santana out until the All-Star break. Getting to .500 would be a major accomplishment. The Nationals improved 10 games from the previous year but their pitching is not strong enough to sustain much more of a push forward this season.

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